Store your wine in China almost for free

What is this service about

The best strategy to sell in China is to have a location from which to invite importers and distributors to try the wine, since nobody buys without tasting the product. Furthermore, it’s also very important to be able to send wine samples to clients in a very short time to close deals.

This package includes everything necessary to conduct business from China without the need to invest in workers and local representation. It is ideal for wineries that attend fairs in China or carry out trade missions and need merchandise in the country to accelerate negotiations and make quick shipments.

What does this service include?

Base Price
We have a basic pricing for 300 bottles stored (unlimited references), but you can check with us a custom pricing for you according to your needs.
Optional Commercial service
As an additional service, our expert sales representatives in China could attend any meeting with importers and distributors on your behalf. We would contact all the importers and distributors of our database (more than 900).
Discounts in our products
Access to our other services of commercial Agendas and Organization of events in China with a 10% discount.

Get our China Commercial Bundle

We created this product specially to be combined with our Fair Roadshow in China. Let us promote your wines while you have lots of samples in China to convince importers and distributors and increase sales!