Customer recruitment

What is this service about

A private meal or dinner is held with a selectísimo group of wine professionals and importers in a private event, very limited in capacity and where they show the properties of the product.

This type of event is useful to get new importers, but also to position the wine very well in the media if we invite inflluencers and wine experts.

Lunch or dinner
January to December
One or more cities (Beijing or Shanghai or Canton or another city preferred by the customer)
A table of 10 people in a Chinese or European restaurant:
· A person representing the winery
· 1 translator
· 8 guests.
· Choose a good restaurant
· Communicate the wine list and the proposed menu, and make the pairing
· Invite 8 diners (wine journalists and distributors)
It is necessary to prepare a gift for each diner
Not Included
· Wine to take during the meal
· Restaurant costs (normally from € 60 per person up to ... depending on the menu and category of the restaurant)
· Flights and transportation by taxi
· Interpreter

Position your product in China now

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