Take your wine to 6 fairs insted of 1!

What's this service about?

This service is designed so that the wineries can, in addition to having a space with their products in China, promote their brands in several Wine Fairs, making themselves known even more and getting contacts for the subsequent distribution.

The average cost of attending a single fair in China can vary between € 5,000 and € 10,000 per event for a winery (stand, wine transport, travel, accommodation …). Attending 10 annual fairs would cost a winery between 50,000 and 100,000 €

This package includes participation in 6 ANNUAL wine fairs in China, 2 main and 4 secondary, with our commercial team, with no additional costs other than sending the wines to China (If they are not already in the Virtual Warehouse, which is highly recommended)


What does this service include?

This package includes the participation of the winery in the following fairs:

Two of these big fairs:

  • Top Wine inBeijing (4-6 June 2019)
  • Wine Fair in Guangzhou (June 2019)
  • Pro Wein in Shanghai (November 2019)

Four Trade shows in other strategic cities (Xi An, Cheng Du, Chang Sha, Xia Men, Gui Yang, Ning Bo)

  • Xi An (October),
  • Cheng Du (March)
  • Chang Sha (October)
  • Xia Men (September)
  • Gui Yang (September)
  • Ning Bo (June)

The individual cost of a stand in each of these fairs is between 1,500 and 4,500 € (the stand alone. You would also need to add other expenses). Ask us about pricing here

  • We will send you all commercial contacts we make during the fairs.
  • Our commercial team in China will send the necessary samples to importers and distributors from the Warehouse (if you have the package A contracted) to try to close the sales.
  • Access to our other services of commercial Agendas and Organization of events in China with a 10% discount.
  • The price does not include shipping or storage of wine in China.

Discover our commercial bundle in China

We’ve created this product specially to be combined with our Warehouse in China. We will showcase your wine in several fairs, while we have your warehouse in China full of samples of your wines to speed up negotiations with chinese clients.