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Promotion in China

Virtual Warehouse in China

Promotion in China

Fair Roadshow in China

Showcase your wines in 4 different fairs in China for less than the cost of just one single fair. We will meet importers and distributors and send you all the contacts we make during the fairs.

Promotion in China

Professional visits

We organize face-to-face meetings with Chinese importers
already interested in importing and distributing your wine in China.

Promotion in China

Event Management

We can organize itinerant events, seminars, workshops, forums, wine tastings, gala dinners, competitions, courses … Anything where your wine stand out and reach a large audience interested and potential importers.

Promotion in China

Food pairing in China

We have lunch or dinner in private with a very select group of wine professionals and potential local importers. Ideal for penetrating the Chinese market or improving the brand in the country.

Promotion in China

Online Marketing

We promote your products in Chinese social networks like Weibo and weChat the largest social networks in China, with articles and pages adapted to your market.

Promotion in China

Brand and product consulting

Did you know that a white label would ruin all the possibilities of selling your wine in China? We advise you to prepare your wine for the Chinese market, something that is not easy for Westerners.

Tailor made events to boost your brand in the United States

Services in United States

Promotion in the United States

Events with importers, distributors, customers, media and bloggers

We organize customized events with importers and potential clients and mass media. Sports events, fashion shows and much more.

Promotion in the United States

Celebrity Events

We bring your wine to Hollywood at events full of celebrities and influencers. A point of glamor that will increase your sales and the prestige of your brand.

Promotion in the United States

Organization of promotional events

Organize or sponsor an event where your wine will be the star of the moment. Sports events, galas or exhibitions will serve to draw the attention of the media.

Promotion in the United States

Product Placement in cinema and series

We reach agreements with producers so that the characters of a series or film enjoy your wine on screen.

Contact us. We have a long history helping to implant brands in other countries. Tell us your ideas and we will make a study of your proposal.

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