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Do you want to introduce your product to a large audience? We will organize an event for you and your brand with a selection of famous Hollywood actors and celebrities.

Here your brand is THE STAR.

There is nothing better to make your wine stand out than to show celebrities by drinking and talking about it. The social networks will burn with comments about your brand, the wine and its characteristics.

Lunch or dinner
January to December
We have a large number of restaurants in Los Angeles and Orange County.
We create a custom event for you. We will look for the best location, invite bloggers, the mainstream media, and a number of artists and celebrities.
We will install a red carpet and a Photocall. We will contract the music for the event and we will elaborate all the necessary marketing material for the event. Diffusion of the news in social networks, buying, among other things, tweets of several very influential twitterers and celebrities with millions of followers. Also includes music and photography of the event.

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