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What is this service about

Would you like to see some Hollywood actors drinking your wine? Let us know your budget and we will tell you what options we have available for you.

In Hollywood weekly celebrity events are organized. We can find an event where your product fits the theme or the audience and prepare everything so that your wine SHINES in that event.

This option will make your product SHARE the space with other possible products spokes.

Event type
· Golf tournaments.
· Gains to raise funds for social organizations
· Cultural events
· Annual gala of large companies
· Events in chambers of commerce
· Film premiers.
· Presentations of magazines.
· Fashion events.
· Festivals of music and art.
· Vehicle displays.
· Sporting events (Dodgers and Lakers)
January to December
· Reception V.I.P: This usually includes a toast with the press, bloggers and special guests as artists or actors.
· Photograph of the event

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Our events in Hollywood

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